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Good day, and welcome to Bus Stop - a small talk message board. Each post remains on the site for only a day, after which, it disappears. Registration is not required, and small media files can be uploaded along with each post.

If you find this place empty, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's completely abandoned. Feel free to make a post to start a discussion, perhaps someone will see it and reply!

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I hope we meet again.

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#16188 Name: Anonymous   45min
That's great advice... Thanks! :')
#16189 Name: Anonymous   45min
Lmaooo that meme made me laugh : D So true
#16190 Name: Anonymous   50min
IKR! It's naive NOT to think that. People have dropped like fleas since the birth of Internet-related crimes and historical events. It's almost like media is a HUGE part of culture, and affect real lives.
#16191 Name: Anonymous   50min
Is Rune still worth playing? I tried to love the new Rune, but the constant push of microtransactions made it unplayable. :( I try clicking a tree, I'm met with a premium offer. I talk to the wrong NPC, a premium ad pops up. I simply don't like adverts inside the products I use!
#16192 Name: Anonymous   4h
people on adv and pol are not in their right mind to begin with
#16193 Name: Anonymous   4h
hell, it's even written on the top: "only a fool would take anything posted here as fact".
It's par for the course that the boards dedicated to real world activity would attract unironic believers. As much as I'm loath to say it almost every other board on 4chan is significantly more sane than pol.
#16194 Name: Anonymous   7h
I don't think the newest one (RS3) is worth it personally. OSRS is still fun on and off for me, but the game is filled with bots now so the economy is destroyed and you will get insta-rekt in the Wilderness. I only buy a months worth of membership every year or so (or when im feeling depressed) because I keep burning myself out on grinding annoying stuff.
#16195 Name: Anonymous   8h
4Chan and "Sane" is an oxymoron.
#16196 Name: Anonymous   8h
TY so much- this gave me the insight I need. Maybe I'll Check (it) Out if I get the finance's to. I do adore the low poly style.
#16197 Name: Anonymous   12h
I disagree. Accounts would make it much easier to manage imageboards. Also out of curiosity, do you have a link to that imageboard with accounts?
#16198 Name: Anonymous   13h
An imageboard could have accounts to make moderation more effective, but still display posts anonymously.
That could also allow for gimmicks like letting the OP decide whether replies to their thread are anonymous, use disposable IDs, or display account names. Might be an interesting experiment.
#16199 Name: Anonymous   16h

Attachment is hidden.

The only benefit of being depressed is that my libido has been completely depleted and thus I don't want to watch pornography anymore.
#16200 Name: Anonymous   19h
People with real jobs don't use Reddit. They use Blind or HN.
#16201 Name: Anonymous   21h
NTA but https://1chan.us/board.html is an imageboard with accounts I think. It seems like shit though honestly.
#16202 Name: Anonymous   23h
Will time travel ever exist? I hope it does.
#16203 Name: Anonymous   1d
hey guys what do you guys think im good at? i need a few traits to list about myself for an assignment
#16204 Name: Anonymous   1d
i think youre pretty good at dodging my evil warlock spells and fireballs :0 i also like the way you use your tongue when we gay-kiss (as platonic enemies in the battle of good and evil)